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We provide airport transportation and shuttle services to Chicago O’Hare and Midway Airports.

Airport Information

O’Hare: (Domestic) Give terminal # and door letter (Exp: 1-A, 3-B)
Please wait in center lane/middle islands at Terminal 1, 2 & 3

O’Hare: (International) Passengers can only be picked up between doors 5D & 5E. Please wait in the first lane outside of the terminal

Midway: Please wait in center lane/middle island (Exit LL2) 
Passengers can only be picked up between doors 1 & 2

Baggage Meet & Greet At baggage claim or main escalator for Terminal 1, 2 and 3; Exit A or B at Terminal 5

Make a Reservation

Airport Return Procedures
Call 219-771-7433,  twenty-four (24) hours before flight arrival to confirm reservation.

•Whether you checked luggage or not, please proceed to the baggage claim level.
•Follow Blue Signs that read Ground Transport: Taxis, Buses, Limos.
•After retrieving luggage please call your vehicle (see phone # on other side of card)
•To help find your vehicle, you will be given a description of it along with its license plate number.
•Please be aware that Airport regulations require livery vehicles to remain in a holding lot until we have heard from the passenger, so it may take anywhere from 10-15 mins.

Airport Meet and Greet Service
Your chauffeur will arrive at the airport at the time your flight lands. We use flight tracker software to track flight arrival times to ensure on-time pickups. You will meet your chauffeur at the carousel for your flight near the baggage claim. Your chauffeur will have a Ride NWI Car Services, Inc sign with your last name on it.

He/She will be happy to assist you with the luggage and may also arrange for skycap service for groups with extra luggage.

Limo Child Seats
If you are traveling with a small child or children that require child safety seats you will be required to provide the seats and install them in the vehicle.

Vehicle Types & Luggage Capacity
To ensure a comfortable ride, we ask our clients to inform us of any irregular luggage sizes and shapes.

Call Driver Number for pick up after retrieving luggage